On-Grid Hybrid
Solar Air Conditioner

The dc inverter based solar hybrid unit uses Solar DC generated power or mains AC generated power, or a combination of both as required. This means that no matter the weather, you will have uninterrupted comfort. The inbuilt power supply control module will use as much solar energy as is available and this solar energy directly replaces the equivalent amount of AC power from the mains provider. Under optimum conditions, this can save up to 95% of your mains power usage (during day light hours).

Feature: Dynamic Adjust with Solar Priority
Benefit: Reduce Electricity Cost, and the same installation method of normal Air conditioner.

DC 48 V Off-Grid
Solar Air Conditioner

The dc inverter based solar air-conditioner uses a combination of solar panels and battery storage unit, effectively working day and night and without electricity. DC power from batteries connects directly to this unit. Batteries are required to buffer and stabilize solar power, and for night time operation. The battery storage unit will sized on a safe design based on desired working hours.

Feature: 100% Off-grid, Storage Battery & MPPT.
Benefit: No Electricity bill, and applicable to use in areas without electricity.

On/Off Grid Hybrid
Solar Air Conditioner

This model achieves multi-functional options. Equipped MPPT PV tracking system utilizes the PV DC power as first priority and battery back-up for night hours. When DC power (from solar panels and batteries) is not sufficient, the AC power takes over thus achieving continuous power supply.

Feature: Works under 3 modes- AC only, DC only or AC+DC
If the power source if AC+DC, the system uses DC as priority, when DC power is not sufficient, the AC power takes over thus achieving continuous power supply. Meanwhile, you can choose battery back-up for non-day light hours. If the power source is only DC, and no AC, the system can work off-grid.
Benefit: Can act as both complete off-grid unit and also as hybrid unit.


Full Dc Inverter Technology

Inverter air conditioners need 30-50% less electricity than non-inverter air conditioner. Non inverter AC provides a fix heating or cooling by a fixed power with the compressor running at a fixed speed. The compressor has to start and stop when required. On the other hand inverter air-cons have a controllable compressor that provides the exact amount of heating and cooling as needed.

No External Inverter Required

Solar panels will be wired directly into the outdoor unit, this means no additional inverter is required. Once the system is set up, the unit will automatically pull from the solar panels or the grid depending on the current sunshine levels, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted heating or cooling as the system changes seamlessly with no input required from the user.


Our production unit holds over 20 years of experience in the HVAC field and 8 years in solar air conditioners and offer a 5 year warranty for our product range. All the testing devices & equipment the same standard as Midea & GREE.

Environment friendly

UAE is developing a long term carbon market strategy: to reduce CO2 emission by 15% by 2021. Our units use R410a environment protection refrigerant, R-410A (which contains only fluorine) does not contribute toozone depletion, and is therefore becoming more widely used.

Save Electricity

For Hybrid solar air conditioner, upto 95% electricity saving (during day light hours), and upto 65% percent during full day under optimum conditions. For Off-grid 48V solar air conditioner, save 100% power from electricity.


Less than 24 months ROI period (against normal split unit) to recover your investment of complete solar air conditioner unit with solar panels.


And take your first step towards independence from Electricity Grid